Doing IT for you,

with Consulting Services


Skills and experience,

when you need it.

When you don't have a dedicated IT Manager in your business, you need expertise on tap, to use when you need it, for as much as, or as little, as you need.

We provide the knowledge and skills you need to ensure your IT is planned and managed in a strategic way, without you having to employ a full time IT Manager.

These are the areas we specialise in.  Contact us to see if there is a fit with your business needs.

Strategic IT Plan

Understanding your business and developing a clear way forward

What role should IT play in you business and how do you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Risk Management

There are IT Risks that can damage a business through lost time, money and reputation.

Identify all the IT Risks to you business, analyse them, rate them and document your plans on how to manage them.

Covid Response

Survive, protect and then thrive in the new way we now work

We are now living in a new normal, so what does that mean for your business and how can IT help you to adapt.

IT Budgeting

If you understand and plan your budget, then you can manage it on your own terms.

Understand all your IT needs and when you need to spend, so that you can plan and manage your cashflow.

Independent Advice

Advice that is easy to understand and weighs up all the options for you, from an independent perspective.

Expert reviews in an impartial way, helping you to decide what is best for your business IT needs.

Project Management 

Plan and manage your IT projects properly to achieve the outcomes that you desire.

Helping you to successful outcomes with your IT projects.

Ways we can help your business:


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