Doing IT yourself,

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A range of resources to help you manage your IT

We offer a range of resources to help you to do more in your business, by yourself.

This including various templates, books and online training.

Using proven processes and techniques, we have created sets of tools that anyone can use, as a cost effective way of planning and managing the IT effectively in your organisation.


Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Crime is a real risk to every organisation.

To keep your business safe, all your staff know about the threats out there. Everyone needs to know what to do and more importantly what NOT to do!

This is a low cost, easy to follow, Cyber Security Awareness Training course that all your staff and volunteers can complete online. It contains videos, text, examples and quizzes that explain in non-technical, plain English, what the common threats are and how to spot them.

This course is essential viewing for all of your staff and voluntees, to help reduce the risk to your organisation. Please contact us for bulk enrolment discount rates.

Template Toolkits

We have template packs available for different areas of IT planning and management.

These templates provide you the framework and outlines for you to be able to plan your IT, manage your IT Risks, or run your IT projects more efficiently.

They include Word and Excel files that you can customise and complete, according to the requirements of your organisation. Also included are PDF and presentations to explain different aspects of IT planning and management, along with examples of completed templates, to give you ideas on what you need to do.

While the templates are designed to be a self-service type tool, you can also combine them with some of our consulting to get you started and off in the right direction, or to review what you have done and provide feedback on completed documents.

Making Business IT Easy To Manage 

Making Business IT Easy To Manage - a straight talking guide on IT, in a language you can understand, without any technical jargon.

'Making Business IT Easy To Manage' is specifically written Small and Medium Businesses,.  It is aimed at Business Owners  and Managers who are responsible for decisions on IT Strategy and Risk Management.

In this book, you will learn about:

  • Understanding IT Replacement Lifecycles, including Purchasing vs. Leasing options
  • How to develop an IT Plan and Technology Roadmap
  • Understanding the IT Risks facing your organisation
  • User Policies for your staff and volunteers
  • Types of Service Agreements for ongoing IT support
  • How to Plan and Manage successful Projects
  • How to improve capabilities with staff training
  • Plus many other items you need to know
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